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Birth of a Supernova Mornastra
Birth of a Supernova
Traditional Electronic, Spacesynth
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Like the birth of a supernova illuminates the cold expanse of space, so these bright composition are similar to rays of light and energy. These images of the future will not leave indifferent anyone, who loves science fiction, and who is willing to indulge in nostalgia for the golden era of melodic electronic music, unprecedented progress in space exploration, the science was considered as fascinating and honorable occupation. Immerse yourself in the world of wonderful achievements, into the world built by man, which is rapidly comprehend the mysteries of the foundation and finds harmony with the universe.

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Posted by USC on 18 November 2013
Tags: retro-futuristic, oleg pavlov, traditional electronic, synthpop, spacesynth, space, mornastra, melodic, atmospheric